Mar 15, 2013

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My Healthier Version of a Banana Split


I know this isn’t beauty related but I always love finding easy recipes on blogs so I thought I would share this! Part of my goal for 2013 was to become a tinier, stronger, healthier version of my self. I previously mentioned this in my 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge post and I’m proud to say I haven’t faltered in my goal yet! On nights when I’m craving somethine sweet I like to make this very quick and easy treat. I add about 3 strawberries and half a cup of frozen pineapple to a bowl. I thaw this in the mircrowave for about 2 minutes. Then I throw in some sliced banana, half a cup of low-fat greek yogurt (plain but you could use vanilla) and a small teaspoon of nutella. I sprinkle some flax seed on top and mix it all together. Then I stick the whole bowl in the freezer for about 20 minutes and enjoy my dessert!

  • Gina Valente

    Actually looks good.